Early Times

boy on his wagon

boy on his wagon

Like any boy, I had to have my wagon.  Mine was a bit larger than most here in 1947.  I let my Dad pull me as much as he wanted.

We moved to Woodstock, Illinois some time in 1947 after  the house was completed.  Mom and Dad built this farm house about a half mile from the farm buildings next to a copse of oak trees surrounding a fertile hollow.  I believe the original house with it’s out door facilities was a bit too common for Mom.  This house was built with servant’s quarters.  I lived in those downstairs quarters until servants were hired.  This elaborate stone and copper clad building was constructed on top of a “bar pit” of gravel without a bit of landscaping anywhere except the sunken place in the ground.  Trees, Grass, and Rail Fences were immediately added.

Windy Hill Farm House 2012

Windy Hill Farm House 2012


Our Windy Hill Farm House

Our Windy Hill Farm House 1967

Time does tell stories…




Our Gang…the group of kids that lived at Windy Hill and Hogback Farms and always played in the hundred acre woods.  Here are from front to back: Billy and Bobby Stewart, Karen Schuler, Cynthia and Wendy Tittle, David Schuler, Paul Schuler, Stewart Tittle, Judy Schuler, and Donny Stewart.  We played hard, rough, and always in the country.



One thought on “Early Times

  1. Your premise that Mom didn’t like the farmhouse is wrong. Dad would not let her renovate it. This I know, because I always loved that house, and Mom and I talked about it a lot.

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