Puerto Vallarta 1983

Hot Tamale in Puerto Vallarta

Hot Tamale in Puerto Vallarta

As I announced with my first post, these stories will be random. Triggered by a thought of the moment. The Theme is to tell a positive life story with pictures and words…

With the advent of digital photography, memories can be triggered with the swipe of a finger. As mentioned recently and probably repeatedly, I am digitalizing all the images that have been a part of my life… which I emphasize has had its share of ups and downs. I write from the perspective of looking back over decades of stories. In my iPhoto Library, I have organized my pictures in to albums that I carry around in my iPhone, iPad, and iPod under the categories of “Good Shots”, “A Taste of Africa”, “R/C Airplanes”, and my favorite, “Lovely People”.

I have noticed that when I review any of these, I feel a sense of happiness. Joy, Actually! There are no bad memories triggered.

Yesterday, I was starved for an activity while I waited for the chemicals to kick in. Instead of the usual “Solitaire” I chose to dig out some more 35mm negatives to run through the Epson Perfection V500.  I already wore out another machine doing about 10,000 slides and film strips.  At random, I picked our Mexico trip to Puerto Vallarta and the Soaring photos from 1983. It was NOT a vintage year. Being a Hospital Administrator CEO is by definition being depressed…if you can get any of us ego centric people to admit it. Yet, digitalizing memories from that year only brought joy.

The trip to Mexico was a gift from my employer of 10 years and also the subject of my graduate school thesis for a year prior to working for those wonderful nuns. I left as a matter of principle pointing fingers at all the hypocrisy around me. It turns out though, I was the Atheist who ran a Catholic Hospital. Now, I cannot forbear hypocrisy in any form. It drives me nuts. It took me years after I left the Sisters of Providence to realize who was the biggest Hypocrite. I am an honest man, brought up in the Mid-West. Being rigid, straight arrow, and inflexible were a matter of course. Black and White…no gray. I have learned many of the gray scales of life that mirror the black and white images I took over the years…those images are shades of grey…not B&W.

The lovely lady above is my Hot Tamale of over 50 years counting when we met at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in October of 1962. We married on December 28, 1965 during our senior year. We spent the first week of December 1983 relaxing in this lovely Mexican tropical city. Great memories that erased the downs of that year.


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