The Planks – Our Gang II

Cousins c. 1946

Cousins c. 1946

Here are the other members of “Our Gang” that were a part of shaping my environment. This shot was taken in the living room of the Parsonage at 1810 Hinman Avenue in Evanston, Illinois. The old geezer is David Ernest Fremont Tittle named after another who will appear sometime soon in this yarn. His sister Sally was absent for this picture. Filling out the rest of the cast are cousins Mary Poston and Susan Tittle, the dog Roxie, and me the little tyke with the blond hair. I was the youngest though I have been accused of being older than the girls because I have grandchildren now. So does David. These folks are all related through the children of the grand sire and dam of the whole tree on the Tittle side. Ernest Fremont and Glenna (Myers) Tittle had: John and Phylis (Fox) Tittle who begat Sally, David and Susie; Besty (Tittle) and David Poston who begat Mary and Ann; and, Bill and Mary (Stewart) Tittle who begat Cynthia, Wendy, and the oldest, me.

As a family, we got together whenever possible for the big celebrations: Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The Postons lived in Redlands, California so a quick dash was out of the question. However, they appeared every now and then adding to the mystique of “Out West.” The Woodstock, Illinois and Winnetka, Illinois folks would swap destinations for any holiday as the years went by. We had the city folks, the farmers, and the academics on the Tittle side. Mom just has her brother Don who had his family living on Hogback Farm while he owned and ran “Stewart’s Private Blend Coffee Company”.

Those are the dry facts. The story unfolds like any other story. There is the desired image folks want to project! And, there are the real stories. We were good at keeping secrets in this family tree. Yet time will tell…maybe I might too. If you are brought up to always tell the truth and never tell a lie, one can experience a wide range of reactions.

For starters: That couch of purple velveteen was still in the family 25 years ago…that was the last time I saw it.  I cannot image who’s butts have sat upon those pillows.  I would bet some are the greats in our national history.  Grandpa moved in interesting controversial circles.  Actually, both Ernest Fremont Tittle and William Anderson Stewart were movers and shakers of their time in the Chicagoland stage.


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