Mom & Dad

William Myers Tittle

William Myers Tittle

My father was born on March 2, 1918 in Columbus, Ohio not too long after “Danchu” (Ernest Fremont Tittle) returned from WWI France, England, and Scotland. He might be 8 or 10 years old in this photograph. He was the third child and second son nine years younger than his older brother, John and three years younger than his sister, Betsy. He grew up in the 1920’s and 30’s in Evanston, Illinois. Northwestern University loomed in the backdrop of his life and many others in the family. “Buzzy” (Glenna Myers) was the protective mother who shielded both children and father from each other.

Mary Stewart Tittle - July 1944

Mary Stewart Tittle

Mary Stewart Tittle has “a bun in the oven” in this July 1944 photo taken of Roxie #1 getting her attention. Not much later she delivered “William Stewart Tittle” whose name drew upon many others in the family tree. My mother was left without a mother at the age of six. My grandmother Lorraine died of influenza in 1924. Uncle Don was two years younger. The absence of a mother and presence of a strict Scottish Governess, Janet Robertson, threw the two children together into a very tight bond for the whole of their lives. Coincidence or bond, they both died within months of each other in 1998. These two kids were very unusual for the times. They were children of a wealthy father who kept them well fed and starved for a mother. Nevertheless, they had adventures visiting Europe at least twice before WWII broke out. They both learned to fly in their own airplane. Uncle Don purchased an Island retreat in Rainy Lake, Ontario. He built his own speed boat to reach that piece of land. He built his sister her own cabin to match the one he built for himself. I believe the two of them did this in their late teens. In short, they lived differently than most.

William & Mary

William & Mary on the Sod

As a conscientious objector during WWII, my father had done National Service in Washington, Oregon, and Michigan in lieu of military service. However, that label of CO was an impediment to most career paths available then. While I believe he did attend Northwestern for a year of two, he never completed his college degree. My mother was the stronger of the two although my father did show great courage in doing the service that he did fighting fires instead of people. The conclusion regarding careers then fell upon mother purchasing Windy Hill Farm adjacent to Hogback Farm which her father bought as a weekend retreat place away from busy Chicago.


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