Grandmother Stewart


Ella Loraine Stewart

Ella Loraine Stewart was my grandmother who died of influenza in 1925. I am stunned by the likeness of mother and daughter…both beautiful women.  I just wonder what she might have been as a person and as a grandparent. Strong, stubborn, gracious, and worldly would be my guesses. There has not been much lore passed down from either daughter or son who were 6 and 4 respectively when they lost their mother.  She was 32 when she passed.  Grandfather never remarried.  He died at 50 in 1940.  Whatever he told his children about Lorraine is lost.

I just wish I could have known her.  For that matter,  wish I could have known my mother better.  Family discord got in the way.  Mom did keep a diary which we got to read after she left forever.  Wow!  There was a person all three of us kids missed.

I estimate this photo was taken in Chicago around 1912 near the time she wed William Anderson Stewart.


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