Best Friends

Best Friends - Brad & Sasha

Best Friends – Brad & Sasha

Every now and then Linda and I burden our son with MacIntosh questions. I just finished my second call today seeking understanding of what was happening with iPhoto and the number of gigabytes I was stuffing into the mix. The program has been getting more and more unstable with each batch of images I place into the cyber filing cabinet. The problems have been addressed for the moment, yet I can see a new machine in our future depending upon Apple and its pending release of a new innovation.

Wandering through the files to check that the platform was working, I found a photo of Linda pregnant with Brad that I took when we went up to Vancouver, British Columbia in the summer of 1968.  Just seeing it again makes my heart flutter.  She has always been the light of my life.  She is just as radiant now as then.

Vancouver BC Beauty

Vancouver BC Beauty

Brad was on the other end of the phone as I did this wandering of my photo library. I asked if he wanted to see his mom when she was carrying him. I sent this picture in the iPhoto format that enhanced the image even more. Then I asked Brad if he could recall from his earliest memories Sasha, our Alaskan Malamute and his closest friend. From this picture, one can see the connection between the two. I found some other shots of the two mucking round the kitchen on the floor getting into trouble together. They were really a team!


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