A Joyful Birthday

Linda's Birthday Present

Linda’s Birthday Present

We celebrated Linda’s birthday at the Glenora Distillery and Inn located outside Mabou, Nova Scotia. Our day started at Cheticamp. It is a most interesting Acadian town just south of the Cabot Trail National Park. Our favorite restaurant would not open until long after we wanted to be on the road, so we left our lodgings hoping to find breakfast farther south. We had a most leisurely stop at a motel with which had its own dinning facilities and good food. The other 2 patrons in the room shared their stories which included 14 years of migrating up from Key West to spend August through October in a leased home nearby. Another story suggested we stop in Inverness to see the Tears of Glass jewelry shop where lovely trinkets were made from beach glass. When we got there, we passed the Dancing Goat Cafe highly recommended by the owner of the Tartan shop way up north. These side trips delayed our arrival perfectly for the Distillery. Live Music started at 1300h in the Inn’s Pub. Our backstage tour started at 1500h. The option of more live music started again at 2000h. The Food was superb any time we sat down to eat. All these ingredients made Linda’s birthday a perfect day to remember. The sip of 17 year old single malt whiskey straight out of the oak barrel capped two hours of listening to Pius MacIsaak and his pianist play celtic music. It was a good day. We did get to sip a range of 5 whiskeys from New Make (Moonshine) to the 17 year old. We did leave the $300 750 ml bottle there for another day.  We did not make it to the evening performance…

Flight Testing Whiskeys

Flight Testing Whiskeys


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