Academy Pond

Academy Pond

Academy Pond

The desire to take photographs crept into my life in stages.  My cousin David is 9 years older than me and I rarely saw him growing up.  The same is true about our adult years.  There has always been a distant reflection of him in my view.  The first time I became aware of him was when Mom, Dad and I took the overnight train from Chicago to Colorado Springs so that we could attend his Fountain Valley School graduation ceremonies in June 1953.  Even then, I do not remember even seeing him.  I do remember almost everything else that occurred during that amazing vacation.  That will be another story later.  This is about taking photographs.  Visiting 149 Apple Tree Lane in Winnetka I would be exposed to my cousin in absentia.  He was always away, yet I would observe the elements of his growing up.  The Hallicrafter Short Wave Radio was one aspect.  Another was the pictures on the wall of his room in his home.  He took them with some 35mm camera.  I was inspired.  But, perhaps the suggestion was more of genetic influence than environmental.  Nevertheless, I started taking pictures early with various instruments: Kodaks, Polaroids, Minoxs, and then a wedding present from Buzzy.  It was one of the first Single Lens Reflex cameras of the day in 1966.  Not the best, but a Practika from East Germany.  Buzzy actually gave Linda and I some money which I turned into a more selfish present.  My love of Lake Forest Academy and the growing love of taking photographs revealed itself in this image for me.  I took it in fall of 1966.


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