Tar Heel Trailer Court

Tar Heel Trailer Court

Tar Heel Trailer Court

Returning from our Philadelphia wedding during Christmas break in 1965, Linda and I moved into our new home located just north of Chapel Hill.  It was snug, cozy, cute, convenient, easy to maintain, and inexpensive.  She moved out of her dorm and I moved out of the Chi Psi Lodge.


Alpha Sigma of Chi Psi

Our new abode was also humble by all stretches of any imagination.  It took 3 decades to rise back to this southern elegance.  When we did, I think we can say we both missed the simplicity of our mobile.  Our first born arrived three years later, instead of the earlier prediction.

In 2002, family reunion was held in Virginia Beach to celebrate Uncle Jim’s 80th birthday.  Our grand plan was to travel a circuit around the whole country.  Once underway our plan was modified to park the borrowed camper in Denver for a month to continue travels by air.  My legs were too long for driving the VW and Linda was not going to do 7000 miles alone. However, we did rent a car in Virginia to drive back down to Cape Hatteras to see Kittyhawk and then on over to Chapel Hill to return for the first time in 36 years.  Surprisingly, our trailer was gone; so was all vestiges of a small town tucked in the middle of North Carolina.  The triangle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, once separated by woody countryside, now merged into one very large megapolis.  Yet, it was still as beautiful as ever.  It was still as beautiful on our 2010 visit. Our hearts are still there today.

I met Linda one Saturday night the first week of October 1962 at the Lodge.  She was a Pledge Brother’s date for the evening.  We became friends.  We studied together in the Library.  We had a date that Spring.  The first week of our sophomore year, we began our life long date.


One thought on “Tar Heel Trailer Court

  1. You belonged to a fraternity? I had no idea. I thought I heard a story of sitting on a corner waiting to see who came by first – am I misremembering? 😉 Either way, lovely stories.

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