Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousins

Christmas Cousins

Mom and Dad got on the train heading from Chicago to Los Angeles for a chance to have Christmas with Dad’s sister Betsy.  She was the middle child in the group of three: John, Betsy, and Bill Tittle.  She married a professor of Asian History, David Poston, in the 1930’s immediately venturing to China to teach in a mission school somewhere in that vast country.  Uncle David and Aunt Betsy then hied out when the Japanese invaded.  Eventually they settled in California where he taught history at the University of Redlands for almost 30 years.  I must note that a serious regret I have had is that when I was headed for South East Asia to participate in a very misunderstood conflict, that I never asked him any questions about what caused the events in which I would become involved.  When I finally woke up to that fact, he had departed.  He would have known all the precipitous events that resulted in many of us dying in the Viet Nam War.

The warm climate of Southern California beckoned that cold winter.  Linda and I were in our first year of marriage feeling strongly about making our own way, so we declined the offer of the trip vying to spend Christmas with the John Tittles.

My sister’s Cynthia and Wendy joined our cousins Mary and Ann for this holiday occasion enjoying the benefits of the sunshine, kinship, and pretty flowers.


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