William Anderson Stewart

William Anderson Stewart and Mary Rosetta Stewart

William Anderson Stewart and Mary Rosetta Stewart

William Anderson Stewart was given the opportunity to either go to Princeton or travel around the world when he graduated from high school.  He headed for New Jersey spending all of a week on campus before sending a note home to say he was headed East until he got back to Chicago.  Family lore is sparse on a lot of details.  The best guess is that adventure started in 1910.  When he was in Ceylon, he allegedly met Mr. Ashbey who was scouting for a source of “tea”.  When they returned, they started “Stewart & Ashbey Coffee & Tea Company”.  The rest becomes a blur other than my Mother and Uncle did not live normal lives compared with most during the Depression.

Meet my grandfather who passed at the age of 50 in 1940.  His spouse passed in 1925 at the age of 32.  He remained single for the remainder of his short live.  If one lets their imagination run a bit thinking of Chicago in those years.  I am sure that Grandpa William knew the notables of that era.  He had that reputation however limited our stories of his life were.

He was probably not alone when he shipped his kids off to Europe in 1933 and 1937.  He joined them every now and then around the continent…so the faint tale goes.  One would suspect he was not unescorted.  He was short as was the other grandsire.  Both were driven in their own rights.


2 thoughts on “William Anderson Stewart

  1. Dear Sir or Madam: I purchased a book that was formerly in the collection of Mr. William Anderson Stewart at the Printers Row Lit Fest in 2015. The book, an 1865 life of Abraham Lincoln, had been beautifully rebound and, according to the information given to me by the bookseller, Mr. Stewart had the rebinding done some time in the 1920’s. It was by far the most beautiful book I saw or purchased at the fair. I actually saw three (3) books from Mr. Stewart’s private library at the LItfest and, judging from their appearance and their titles, he must have really loved books. I know that there is not much information available about Mr. Stewart after all these years, but I would like to find out something more about his book collection if it is at all possible. In particular, I would like to learn about the collection where my book came from. Thank you for any information you might be able to provide. Sincerely, Brad Shockney

  2. Dear Sir or Madam: I sent an email to this site in regards to William Anderson Stewart. I hope that someone will reply to my email but I fear that I have “unsubscribed” to the blog by checking the wrong site. Sincerely, Brad Shockney

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