David Poston

Professor David Poston

Professor David Poston

David Poston was my Uncle who taught history at the University of Redlands for almost 30 years.  I regret not ever tapping his sense of Asian History as I have shared in earlier posts.  He was a remarkable person dedicated to his craft.  I captured several images of him at work in his study during our visit as Linda and I transited the country to arrive for duty at NAS Whidbey Island, Washington in February 1968.  Aunt Betsy and Uncle David lived in an idyllic realm that was a bit surreal for a Middle Westerner visiting California for the first time.  Their home was centered on a hill above the orange grove which was once part of the property.  The house itself was built by the owner of the orchards during that era when all of California was growing everything exotic.  It gave the impression that everyone lived this type of life.  Disneyland and Hollywood added to the mystique so foreign to a lad brought up on an Illinois farm.  One had to penetrate that veil before one could start to think; start to realize the real reality; and begin to ask appropriate questions.  The visit was precious.  It was good to see family that were always “out in California” somewhere.  The culture shocks would come later in life.


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