A Happy Christmas 1967

Christmas 1967

Christmas 1967

The Pentax Spotmatic was on overdrive set upon a tripod in our Windy Hill Farm Manor Christmas week in 1967.  What is nice about the picture is that we are delightfully all laughing!  Walking around from the left are Wendy, Linda, me, Cynthia, Elizabeth, Dad, Mom, and the Pekinese dog who had a long forgotten name.  Our kitchen was a gathering place with many cooks always stirring some pot that often turned out well.  We did love our food.

Wendy, 18 was the last child home going to high school.  I was home on leave from NAS Pensacola in transit to NAS Glynco, Georgia for Basic Jet Navigation training.  Upon satisfactory completion I would get my Naval Wings and we would head for NAS Whidbey Island, Washington to transition into A6A Intruders.  Linda was occupied with both being a Naval Officer’s Wife and an employed Physical Therapist at the local hospital in Woodstock.  She would join me for the last few days in Brunswick, Georgia before heading west.  A note here is that in the first two years of our marriage we were apart for almost three quarters in terms of living at the same address.

Cynthia was living in the suburbs of the Chicagoland area working in retail.  Elizabeth Klein was our German exchange student from Ulm.  She has been a rock in our family foundation ever since.  Whenever one of us is on the other’s side of the pond, we visit.  One year almost everyone stayed in their Saltendorf home visiting at different times.

I believe this is the last and only picture of us as a happy family.  All of our roads started to take different shapes leading us in a wide array of directions filled with intense emotions that took years to heal.


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