The Wolseley’s

Bernice & Roland Wolseley

Bernice & Roland Wolseley

Bernice and Roland Wolseley lived in Syracuse, New York for their entire life together which I believe began after Ernest Fremont Tittle passed away in 1949.  She had been his personal secretary for 25 of the 31 years he held the pulpit of the First Methodist Church in Evanston, Illinois.  She may have known more about that man than anyone else.  People in power often need someone with whom to talk as a release from the tensions of the position.  The secretary can often be that person.

Bernice was revered in our family lore.  Perhaps we know more about her than many in our own family based upon the stories passed down to us children.  Roland was just as respected for being the Professor of Journalism at Syracuse University and his prolific ability to write books that were always published.

Chance would have it that my father, his second wife, Bernice and Roland, and my young family gather at our home in Medford, Oregon in the Spring of 1979.  I believe Roland had a speaking engagement in San Francisco that occasioned this family reunion.  My father and his spouse lived on Whidbey Island, Washington which is an easy long day commute south to our home.  He was the little boy she knew growing up.

It was a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “The Wolseley’s

  1. Roland wasn’t a “Professor of History” at Syracuse University. He was a Professor of Magazine Journalism. I took three courses from him (he was essentially the most renowned teacher of magazine journalism at the Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse U.) He could certainly churn out books, and was a good teacher, as well.

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