A Christmas Doll

Linda Miller's Santa

Linda Miller’s Santa

Anne of Green Gables was a dynamic red head growing up on Prince Edward Island.  In my eye, so is this little maiden seated on Santa’s lap.  It would be more than a decade before I met her.  She was a Navy child who traveled wherever Captain Martin Miller’s orders took them.  The Naval Aviation Supply Corps were located in several interesting places including a tour on the Hawaiian Islands.  Seattle, Memphis, and Philadelphia were just some other stops along her formative years.  During that time she was the youngest of three children suffering the joys and woes of that position following two older brothers, Dick and Bruce.  Just when she was about to enter high school in Abington, Pennsylvania the new youngest joined the family.  A sister, Kimberley, was a surprise addition.  Now, Linda was in the role of big sister helping her mother Peggy raise her.  Those skills were applied years later when she bore and raised two children of her own.  Bradford and Robin arrived with the affordable tariffs of a few pennies charged by the Navy for birthing children.  The two of them cost $18 total.  They then got to sit on Santa’s lap years later.


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