Christmas Pin Up

Christmas Pin Up

Christmas Pin Up

My Mother, Mary Stewart Tittle, saved that Christmas in 1978.  Our house in Medford, Oregon had a flue fire in the popular wood stove of the times.  Somehow the flare up translated into flame in the rafters of the one story ranch house built with treated newspaper as the insulation.  Adding real fiberglass based materials blew that paper into the air space designed to keep the house safe.  That was in November.  As repairs were underway, we lived in lessor accommodations than would have been cosy for the holidays.  The solution she devised was to rent a condo in Kona for Christmas week.  Little did we know that Robin would be repeating this holiday event often with her future in-laws.

It was a joyous week getting to know the western shores of the Big Island of Hawaii.  We snorkeled often and everywhere we could find a beach.  There were not many tourists so we had the island much to ourselves.  Here at the City of Refuge, Linda shines with her modesty shaded by the palm tree beside her.  What a glorious woman she is looking every bit now as then.

Captain Cook's Trail

Captain Cook’s Trail

Captain Cook’s Inlet is a treasured swimming hole reached either by boat or a long hike down a little known trail from the highway high above the sea.  Captain Cook was killed by the locals who were not interested in the word, “colonization”.  There are two monuments located at the bottom of the pathway.  One is above the water and the other is below surface…if you can find it in the coral.  The Snorkeling is exceptional with myriads of brilliantly colored underwater fauna swimming or sitting around.

We were less than prepared for the day long visit taking only two cans of soda…not a drop of water.  Somehow we had the notion that there would be a vendor at the other end of our descent.  This inlet is Isolated.

Yet, not long after we arrived at the monument that defined the bay, along came a motor boat with two people out for some sightseeing.  From whence they came is as faded as my memory of all the details of that day.  What is not missing is that Dr. and Dr. Smallworld were an older man and wife team of general practitioners on our medical staff back at Providence Hospital in Medford.

We spent a grand day together taking turns with the diving gear we brought enjoying the tropical underwater environment.

Linda and I extracted a promise from Brad and Robin to not whine while we did the hiking in exchange for their own snorkeling gear the next day.  Is was a bribe that paid well.  On the way back up the trail, we snagged a ripe Papaya hanging from a orchard leaning over the very old walls loaded with wildness.  It was as sweet as our day.

Captain Cook's Monument

Captain Cook’s Monument


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