Sacred Trust


Linda and I just returned from our first “tour” group excursion to Ecuador and Peru to visit the Galapagos Islands and the Sacred Valley in Peru.  The experience was filled with fantastic places along with strong messages.  As I never went to Kindergarten to learn how to get along with others, this method of traveling had its own interesting challenges best left behind.  I do not think we shall venture elsewhere on the globe with tours…

However, these two places lend themselves to organized travel with someone to guide the adventure. In that respect, we had terrific experiences.  Semila Verde Lodge on Santa Cruz Island is unmatched for its location, style, and ability to structure great Galapagos experiences.  Robert & Daisy Grimstone are the proprietors.  They did a wonderful job of providing remarkable lodging, food, and organized trips to many of the islands in the archipelago.

Linda is covering our adventures in our other blog……so I shall not go into detail here.  She writes so much better about that.

Andean Origins guided us from Cusco to Machu Picchu and back giving us insights into the Inca civilization during its peak.  Arguing that they far surpassed the Romans with scholars is fruitless exercise until those folks actually see what we saw…perhaps then they might consider that life on these two continents was more sophisticated than we can explain today.  Moray and Margas are two examples of Inca science and pre-Inca industry…Experimental Agriculture and Salt harvesting at 12,000 feet.

Linda nearly died of Pneumonia on the return home.  If you want the medical system’s attention, check in at the Clinic with a temperature of 106 F; a Blood Pressure of 154/22; and say you just got off he airplane from Peru…gets them going fast.

She is recovering nicely…almost 100% at the time of writing this note for posterity.  I am so glad she decided to stay.  I remember the same challenge 19 years ago.  It is scary to contemplate our mortality living without the other partner.  We have been together for over 50 years starting in 1962.  We are in our 49th year of marriage.  I do so hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with her!



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