The Library



She entered my life in October 1962.  Since then, we have been constant companions.  While I did not know it at the moment of introduction, I did notice that she caught my attention for some reason.  We met at the Chi Psi Lodge the first Saturday night after pledging that fraternity at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  She was from Pennsylvania enrolled as one of the very rare freshman who was also from out of state.  There were 2000 men and 200 women in that class.  The admissions policy then was complex.  How I got in rested solely on Bob Nelson in charge of getting us Lake Forest Academy boys enrolled in college.  He was an alum on UNC who pulled some strings for the privilege of my meeting my future spouse.

We became friends who studied a lot together in the Library sharing stories and time together.  I even introduced her to my girlfriend when she came to visit from afar.  Our dating began as friends who enjoyed each other in the Spring on 1963.  As an illustration of our relationship, I would soon give my Fraternity Pin to the girl from afar as she was my intended.  That summer passed with my feelings changing as I realized the distance that had grown between my and my pin mate.

As soon as I returned to campus in the Fall of 1963, I said to myself: “Which ever of two women I see first, I shall ask her for a date”, subconsciously hoping for i to be the beautiful red head who had been my Freshman Friend.

I saw her at crossing an intersection by the Gym.

It makes me smile deeply remembering that moment that lead to the rest of the story that is only 52 years old and still adding chapters to it.



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