Local Garden

Local Garden

Local Garden

Klamath Falls is an acquired taste.  It is a lovely community supported by Ranching, Agriculture, Forestry, Freight, the Air Force, Medicine, and Government Agencies.  While the city limits have 18,000 souls residing, the Klamath Basin boasts over 50,000 people.  One of my favorite views is looking 50 miles across the horizon from Highway 97 to see more cattle than people.  I liken it to the imagined view from Woodstock to Chicago where there are more people than anything else.  I grew up in Woodstock on a lovely farm named Windy Hill.

New Years day, I roamed around the neighborhood testing my new camera.  High on Nob Hill where we live, are a number of homes nicely landscaped by their owners.  This Garden is chiseled into the steep slope capturing some of the flavor of our community.

Linda and I have lived here longer than anywhere else in our lives.  She was a Navy child with a suitcase always packed.  I was a farm boy who left home to see the world…wherever the path might lead.  It lead to Chapel Hill, North Carolina where I met her.  Together we have lived around the country settling into the West Coast in 1968.  Ultimately, the path lead to this garden.


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