The Farm

The Farm

Home is wherever I lived for 6 months or more.

I was born in Evanston, Illinois seventy years ago in a couple of weeks from this posting.  We moved out to Windy Hill Farm in the spring of 1947.  At least that is the best memory of the time frame.  I do remember pushing out my tricycle from the back yard of 1810 Hinman Avenue to load onto the moving van.  I slept in my crib located in the empty servants quarters built next to the kitchen in our new house just a hundred yards from this photo.

Home had been Buzzy and Danchu’s parishioners home for the time my father was away doing National Service (1944-1947).  Home then became Windy Hill Farm in Woodstock, Illinois (1947-1958).  Then it moved to Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, Illinois (1958-1962).  Chapel Hill, North Carolina was a dreamland for four years at the University (1962-1966).  Linda and I got married December 28, 1965 during our senior year moving into the trailer court mentioned in an earlier post.  We moved back to Woodstock to sort out the future for a little over a year (1966-1967).  We expected to live in Foggy Bottom while I went to George Washington for graduate school, but the Selective Service Board had other plans.

I moved to Pensacola, Florida at the invitation of the United States Navy Aviation Program in March 1967 where I got to know some very nice Marine Drill Instructors during that spring.  On June 9, 1967 I was commissioned Ensign.  Linda joined me as I moved off base to our apartment on Scenic Drive (1967-1968).  There was a month long detour to NAS Glynco, Georgia where I earned my Wings.  From there we crossed the country to arrive at our home Box 415, Route 20, Oak Harbor, Washington (1968-1971).  There was a nine month sojourn aboard USS Ranger as we sailed lovely waters such as the South China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin.  Stops in Japan and Hong Kong added dimension to this holiday cruise (1969-1970).

Graduate School followed service, so we lived at 7619 15th Avenue NE, Seattle, Washington for two years (1971-1973).  Linda worked at Harborview Hospital while I did my studies and internships.  The kids were held dear by both Linda’s parents and a very good young mother who sat with them.

Our next stop was Medford, Oregon to work at Providence Hospital (1973-1979).  Linda took care of the kids for a while, then went to work for the State in Children’s services.  I got the nod to take my first CEO position at Providence Hospital in Oakland, California (1979-1984).  We moved to 691 Carol Drive, Moraga, California paying 5 times more for the same house we left in Medford…the joys of Bay Area living.  I characterize myself as the Atheist who ran a Catholic Hospital.  Hypocrisy drives me nuts…my own did.  It took years to figure it out.  Yet the decade with the Sisters of Providence was one of the best I have lived.

Onward back to Oregon to be CEO of McKenzie-Willamette Medical Services, a small complex of hospital, clinics and other services, in January 1984.   We lived in both the hills east of Springfield and south of Eugene for a decade (1984-1994).  40429 Booth Kelly Road, Springfield, Oregon was our primary residence for most of those 10 years.  While I transitioned the last year, we lived in a condominium.

Our last Home has been 1640 Ridgecrest Drive, Klamath Falls, Oregon (1994-?).  I came down here to run a health plan contracting with the Oregon Health Plan for this region.  Not long after being only 90 miles from my favorite soaring glider port, I woke up dead and paralyzed at Providence Hospital, Medford, Oregon.  After 35 years of flying, Mr. Cautious, did an oops at Montague Airport in Montague, California.

The purpose of this post is to leave a written trail for posterity.  A future post will cover the places I/we have traveled.

Home is Home.  There are three places where I have felt at home.  Woodstock, Medford, and Klamath Falls…and Thomas Wolfe was correct…you can never go home again.


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