Stewart’s Private Blend

Stewart's Private Blend

Stewart’s Private Blend

Dunsmuir, California is a cute little railroad stop tucked down along the Sacramento River buried just below Mount Shasta.  The Brown Trout Book Store now includes the Dogwood Diner as main attractions for those rushing up and down Interstate 5.  It has been twenty years since our last visit.  On our return from the Southwestern Parks journey, Linda and I stopped for a look and lunch.  She cleverly sat me down so that I would stare at the shelves across from our table in the Diner.  Nothing clicked until she got tired of me not seeing what was in front of me.

As a child, Mom would receive two pounds of coffee each month from the Chicago based company that her father started in 1913.  The three of us kids would take turns opening the cans peeling off the attached key to unwrap the metal seal.  We each longed for the hiss and the aroma of the freshly opened can sticking our noses close to the lid.

This is the can we opened in the early 1950’s.  How it migrated West is a mystery that the owner of the shop could not answer.  He said it came with the purchase of the business two years ago.

Of course I let everyone in hearing distance know…


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