Western Terrain

Lake Powell II

When one moves from the Middle West, or the East for that matter, to the West the concept of space changes radically.  Space is vast out here.  There might not be global warming, yet this is upper Lake Powell in October 2015.  Every where you look used to be under water.

What brings this scene to mind is the little story we experienced in Mesa Verde in the Spring 2015.  Some Missourians chatted us up as we looked at the key Cliff Dwelling.  During the chat we learned that they intended to be in Modesto, California on Thursday to hook up with their son to check into Yosemite National Park at the Lodge.  This chat was on Monday at noon.  We advised these first timers that their plan to see the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce National Parks needed to be forgone and that they should leave immediately for California.  There were mountain ranges and deserts in their way that they had to cover.  They might be lucky to arrive in daylight in Yosemite.

Lake Powell is an example of only one obstacle between Mesa Verde and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Of course there is a backdoor to Yosemite…but it is a secret we keep.


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