Sing for Your Supper


Imagine going to Prep School, all expenses paid, and all you have to do is sing for the world.  Nestled in the Drakensberg Mountains it the Drakensberg Boys Choir School where lads from 8 to 18 sing for their supper.  Every Wednesday afternoon they give a two hour performance.  I surprised Linda when we arrived at our B&B down the road from here, asking her if she would like to go to a afternoon show.


She gave the same grin as here two days later on her 64th birthday.  Our hostess arranged an eloquent moment for her.


At intermission, a select set of boys were to entertain the group taking tea and buying CD’s.  Photos were allowed outside the auditorium.  Apartheid is over.  The lad in the hat was the master of ceremonies.  Boys do have ways of getting even if you look closely.


The School is located near the movie location for Zulu much to the consternation of the folks near Ladysmith where the two battles took place…Islandwana and Rourkes Drift.  Lesoto is on the other side of this ridge.  Eland roam these slopes freely…it is a breath taking part of South Africa.


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