It’s 1985

I really wanted to see old childhood friends again!  I asked my sister Stella (Cynthia) if she would organize a gathering at Mom’s house in Woodstock, Illinois for when I was able to visit home again.  Even though Thomas Wolfe taught us at UNC-Chapel Hill that that thought was impossible, it was that night of the party.  It was 1985.

More recently, my grade school chums were so kind to invite me for their 45th and 50th WCHS reunions in 2007 and 2012.  More memories surfaced on those occasions.  Last night while Linda and I were watching a film, Tommy Parker called.  He and I lived two farms apart on Thompson Road.  We used to play cow pasture football together whenever we could muster up two teams of at least two each on a side.  Yes, they were complete cow pastures making some tackles all the more interesting.  Tommy was at both reunions.  We discovered that he was close to Lane Newman still.  The last time I saw Lane was at NAS Whidbey Island in the Officers Club…a small world thing.

So the call came in last night and the flash backs began.

This is Tom Parker with his second wife at the 1985 party.


This is the last time I saw my best man, Jim Cameron.  We went to Lake Forest Academy together.  Another small world event happened when his family built a home at the other end of Thompson Road where Tommy and I played as kids.


He survived this…sadly, we never talked about it…


Terry Nagel was the third man in the trio of lightning runners at WCHS 1958-1962.  Tommy and Lane were the other two.


Lloyd Shaw and his wife Sue lived next door to Mom, but Lloyd grew up on his farm on Hwy 47.  We were chums from Second grade on along with Linda Reese Andes.


Then there were the Bill and Barb Carroll and Vette Kell.  Both were attorneys and close friends of our family.  Jim, Sue and the Carroll’s are gone now.  Mr. Kell celebrated his 100th in last November.  Dad was Mr. Carroll’s campaign manager when he ran for the US Congress in 1962.  That was a blast as a tag along for me.


I talked to Lloyd a few hours ago to see if Tommy called him too.  I had a hunch Tommy was going down the WCHS class list looking for us all.


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