The Road Not Taken


“I took the one less travel by…”

Mr. Harold Corbin was our Harvard grad headmaster of Lake Forest Academy.  He had some connections.  For three days in the Fall of 1961, we had this gentleman’s presence…

Our English classes included his works.  One particular poem has never left me…”The Road Not Taken”.  Written so well, I am sure that it affected a plethora of youth while obtaining their educations.  I thought it was written exclusively for me as did everyone else I am sure.

Mr. Corbin had the foresight to order a few cartons of Mr. Frost’s anthology of works asking him to sign each copy.  Mine was located on the Library shelf near where many of us read.  Our neighbor came out of that room one evening when over for dinner exclaiming that not everyone had an autographed copy of Robert Frost’s poems in the bathroom.


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