Sarah is so lovely, always at your side.  The Schwinn multiple speed bicycle has just been repainted for Brad to use.   I got it as a birthday present when we were living in Seattle north of the University of Washington at 7619 15th NE.  Most days I rode it to Graduate School.  It was red then…1971-1973.  Here it is 1984 in Springfield spanking new again.

Why talk about bikes?  It is 2016 and some cyclists believe that STOP signs are for only automobiles.  One in particular today; he was about 60 wearing the appropriate gear; riding his swift carbon fibre bike through a busy 4 way stop.  He sped through the intersection at around 20 mph coming down a steep hill and continuing past me.  I did make a comment about his judgement as he passed quickly by me.

The story continues continues, but is not worth repeating.  He did not end up on the front end of a moving vehicle…it was very possible at that place in the road.


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