The Kell’s


“What would Mrs. Kell say?”

That expression alone captures a lifetime of respect for the Kell family.  Alice and Vette Kell were close friends of my parents.  Their son Mike, was two years older than I was.  It took me until now to realize he was my older brother so to speak.  This relationship began shortly after arriving on Windy Hill Farm in 1947 and continues though both parents are gone.  Mr. Kell reached 100 last fall.  We had hoped to visit him again after this 2012 afternoon tea.  Alas, Margie, his daughter-in-law answered the phone when I called to see if we could stop by.

The Kell’s were always a stop to see at their home on Dean Street whenever we came to town.  I remember listening to The Lone Ranger and Tarzan on their radio.  I would stay over to play with Mike.  Mr. Kell would work our tushes off if we lingered around the house.  It was good sweat!  The Tittle family spent a lot of time with the Kell’s.  Mrs. Kell’s pumpkin pie laced with bourbon was a treasure for the palate.

Life’s interconnections include her long ago during our high school years.  Mike went to Cranbrook Preparatory School during his wild years while I attended Lake Forest Academy.  He found Margie there at the girls school.  Our two academies swapped athletic events by one going to the other place in alternating years.  Margie and I were both seniors while Mike was off in the Marine Corps sorting things out.  It was LFA’s turn to go to Detroit that year.  Our Soccer and Footballs teams played on Saturday.  She broke a date with Steve Early so that we could share Mike stories that evening after the games.  It turns out that Steve kicked the goalie, me, hard enough to break a bone in my hand…not badly…but memorable for this story.  A year later, Steve and I were pledge brothers and then fraternity brothers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

A book could follow with the impact these folks made on me…

The above quote was specifically addressing how one presented themselves in public…always dress well!



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