East Coast-3

Vickie and Rick Sanders reside in Thomasville, Georgia in a reclaimed historic home built in the new south.  He is one of our cousins we visited on our recent trip from Cape Cod to Wauchula.  He was privileged to grow up on Sinkola Plantation just south of town on Thomasville Highway.  Lining that road are the last vestiges of Plantation living.

Rick and Vickie are related to Stern Darius Tittle who managed Sinkola for 30 years.  Linda and I met my great grandparents through photographic histories that were passed on to Rick when Uncle Stern died in 1987.  Clayton and Elizabeth Tittle were Stern and Ernest’s parents in Columbus, Ohio.  Having read Dr. Robert Moats Miller’s biography about Ernest, it was a delight to finally see who bore the two brothers.  “Liz” was beautiful in appearance…a most difficult achievement in 1800’s photography where women appear dour, sour, and ugly.

We loved our visit with our cousins enjoying Southern Hospitality as it has always been.


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