Pont du Gard


My Uncle Don gave me a Minox B camera for a 1962 graduation present celebrating four years at Lake Forest Academy.  As was the tradition in our family tree branches, new grads went to Europe for the summer.  Cynthia, my younger sister, got her gift two years early joining me on the 7 week odyssey covering 14 countries and principalities.  Our last stage was France in August with a most impressionable stay in Avignon.

Pont du Gard, captured here late in the day, was a imprint that stayed with me ever since seeing it.  The Romans knew how to build.  This image has been burned into my mind.

In May 2012, Linda and I did 5 weeks traveling France, England and Wales taking the Chunnel from Paris to London.  First we left Paris for Avignon on the Bullet Train.


In spite of the smile, she was a bit concerned over traveling at the speeds that the train reached along the 430 mile trek.  It took only 3 1/2 hours.  We found our B&B learning the area quickly.  We met Sharon and Bob Winn for a Michelin 1 Star meal just off the plaza in Avignon.  What a treat.  Sharon and I were in Grad School together at the University of Washington, Seattle 1971-1973.


And then we went to Pont du Gard.



While much had changed around the Site, the old aqueduct stood still in time.



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