Mount Baker

Mt. Baker Best075

We arrived the first week of February 1968 at NAS Whidbey Island in Puget Sound.  Shortly afterwards, Linda and I saw a movie on skiing at the base theater.  The next week we were on the slopes of Mount Baker little realizing how challenging that mountain was for beginners.  Nevertheless, we immediately purchased our equipment after our first day on the hill.  With some lessons and a lot of trial and error we progressed to a point where we enjoyed the weekends on the slopes.  Steven’s Pass was another favorite place.  Between the two locations we spent several years making tracks in the snow.  There were also some face plants.

On one occasion, I was sent away to ski for the day only to return to find that Linda was delivering Brad in the old hospital (Robin was born in the new one).  A week later, Sheri and Alex came over from Israel to bring our son home.  I took Alex to Steven’s Pass; gave him some suggestions; left him to learn the fine art of Snow.  I found him in the Apres-Ski area at the end of that day.  He tells that story every time we see him the impression was so deep.

Oh, and Linda knitted this sweater which appears often in the following decades of photos.  She still wears it from time to time.


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