Once upon a time, long, long ago I went away to school.  It was four years of experience that I though everyone enjoyed.  I was very naive for most of my life…a slow learner.  Mr. Harold Corbin was our headmaster haling from Yale with a degree in English.  One dreaded their turn at his table for meals.  One slip of the tongue brought forth an embarrassing English lesson.  Yet, the man had a flare for making sure his charges (the students) were exposed to real connections.  For example, the 1960 Bears came to visit; Everett Dirksen gave us a lecture in Illinois and Washington Politics; Jesse Owens handed out Track letters while his buddy Ralph Metcalf cheered him on.

Mr. Corbin was insightful enough to purchase several cases of Anthologies when Robert Frost became our poet for three days in October 1961.



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