David’s Deal


Even though we flew again after a two year gap, we still are drawn to the southwest.  Since the spring of 2013, we have traipsed California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah six times.  A Bat Mitzvah brought us down the first time and David’s Wedding in Chandler the most recent.  He is the fourth son of the Kim Miller Ytreeide/Rick Ytreeide clan.  The third son Michael is schedule for vows in Houston during April 2017.  His will be the last of 4 weddings.

On this trip we connected with Hod Rabino whose daughter had the Bat Mitzvah; Leola and Lloyd Richards my executive officer long ago; Janet and Rick Matthews who let me fly his brand new ASW-19 in 1977; and Nancy and Gary Kemp with whom I used to race with in Sailplanes.  We also merged with a large collection of Millers and Tittles as well as the bride’s folk.  The wedding was held on an estate with rolling grassed hills, huge fir trees, and large lakes in the middle of the desert.

Afterwards, we roamed around seeking places Linda and I had not seen before or in some cases not since 1958.

This is a pass on Interstate 70 in central Utah.


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